Things I Have Learned from The Right Angle

In January we were delighted to welcome Hui Chin Tan to our team. Hui is from Malaysia and came to Letterkenny to study a Masters of Science in Management and Marketing Practice at LYIT. She joined us for a three-month placement and we loved having her! Sadly, we said farewell to her today with an Easter themed afternoon tea, but before she finished up, she very kindly wrote a blog about the things she learned during her time here, which you can read below. We’ve kept it very much in Hui’s own words as that is part of the magic of the piece! Happy Easter everyone.



During my internship, I have learnt how Public Relations (PR) and social media can work for business. I have started my work practically from the first day of the first week of internship. Thus, I have learnt various knowledge and skills in marketing within the industrial training period. From this, I absorb about how a PR company can help their clients increase their brand awareness and thus increase their sales. And through my observation, I think that the impact of online social media is very important to all marketing sector for all business. Managing Director of The Right Angle is Mary Crawford who is supported by Grace Shields, Client Services Manager. Two of them is very kind and they had taught and assisted me on all the skills that I am unfamiliar with.



I have practically learned about some basic information in marketing skills which is very different from the things that I learn in theory. I have learned to do some business writing in order to help the business promote their products and events. And through this, I have a chance to improve my English writing skills.


In addition, I also learn how to use Canva to design graphic for commercial purposes. And I have done many designs for a different kind of business to promote their events and products. They also teach me about how to make a research on FM’s DJ and do a Press List in Excel to save all the information and details that I have found. Other than that, I have experienced the video shooting section while working in The Right Angle and this enables me to see the behind scenes of a video making. I have been observing how an interview is made and how the respondent introduces themselves and their company.



In addition, I have learned about the practice of Microsoft Excel. I learnt about how to work up a critical path for a business. I start to work on it by referencing a sample template and based on that format I start to plan and customise the events which are suitable for a business. Other than that, I also help to fill in the Excel spreadsheet template using names and email addresses from the company account. Not only this, but I also need to update with the event’s exhibitors list. And through this, I have learnt how to use Excel more expertly.


Furthermore, I learnt how to update social media sites for the clients’ company, for example, update their company’s website, Facebook timeline posts and information. And this is very important to let all the audience know about the company and what services and products that they offer. Also, I have done several types of blog posts for some business in order to introduce their places and thus encourage people to visit their hotel and restaurants.


Besides, I have learnt something new which is make up a PowerPoint file for the client’s company let the company know what The Right Angle has done for their advertising recently. Through this, the client can have clear details about how their money was spent based on the outcome.



Also, I gain some knowledge about how the social media competitions run when I work with the database collection. All the business needs to update a new database of their clients when there is a new competition for their audience. And most databases the company get, the more information the company get from their clients and this will help to boost up numbers of invitation for the next company events. In addition, I also run through the process of select and pick out potential winners from the competition and from this I need to make sure the potential winners have attended the competition with the rules required. This is because we need to ensure there will be no problems occurring because the winner did not match with the rules required.


During my internship, I have learnt and done a press release for some business in order to send to the journalist. In addition, I also work on listing press release for an event to find out more information about the event or festival in order to let the audience know more about the events. Others than that, I have learnt something new which is build up a mail Chimp for business and this can help to send the invitation to their existing clients. I learn how to use the mail Chimp step by step and I use about half an hour to pick up the skills.


Throughout my work placement, the most things that I have done is mainly based on the graphic design. I have designed numerous graphics included bios for those company, company logo, flyer, Facebook post, Facebook cover, banner advertisements, competition graphics and so on. Also, through my industrial training I have gone through some of Ireland’s celebration events, for example, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween and so on. I found that social media advertisement plays the main role during this celebration. Many companies will advertise heavily mainly in those few days in order to inspire consumers to spend on their products and services. And this really works.