Work is what you do, not where you go.

We’ve had the pleasure of living in, working in and visiting cities all over the world, but relocating to Ireland’s north-western shore is one of the smartest decisions we’ve ever made.


Regular trips to the capital keep us connected and fresh, but we’re living proof that you don’t need to be in a city to run a busy PR agency. In our experience, excellent service, a good broadband connection and the phone and tablet of your choice are all that’s required.


We relish the best of both worlds and love working with brands (big and small) to ensure they’re on the radar of key media and influencers. For us, work is what we do, not where we go, and ultimately, results are what count. Luckily we have plenty of those; have a scroll through some of our best bits below, and then give us a shout to see how we might help you in 2018….



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World Class Wilderness


There are many benefits to living and working in one of Ireland’s most beautiful counties. We have over 1,000 km of coastline on the Wild Atlantic Way and our natural landscape means we benefit from a sports and social club like no other.

National Geographic Traveller put Donegal at the top of its #CoolList for 2017, citing our world class wilderness as one of many things that set us apart. And while that wilderness is all around us, it’s also our connectedness that makes this a great place to live and do business.

And it seems we’re not alone in our thinking. The Local Enterprise Office, Donegal County Council commissioned this video highlighting some of the many great businesses running and growing their operations from our northern shores….







16 Things We Learned On Day One of Donegal Business Week…

1. Marketing is ‘More than a Leaflet’

Marketing expert Geoff Ramm (@GeoffRamm) kicked off the week with an energetic and interactive seminar on marketing, sharing his observations, anecdotes and some memorable customer service and marketing ideas to demonstrate that marketing is so much more than just a leaflet.


2. Customer Service is King – no amount of excellent marketing can compete with a negative customer experience, so it’s imperative that you get that right first.


3. Make the Basics Work Harder for You – put the power of your brand in someone’s hand by being creative with your business cards and leaflets. For instance, if you’re an electrician, why not have a business card that glows in the dark? Or if you work in tourism, avoid the standard sized leaflets that every other business uses. Think differently to help your business stand out from competitors.



4. Get Personal – think about who you want to target and get personal. Refer to people by name and amplify your customer relationships by using Eyejot to send personalised messages.


5. Stack ‘Em High – when you’re exhibiting at an event, stack your brochures and leaflets high, rather than displaying them in a nice arrangement. People don’t like to mess with your display, if it looks too nice.


6. Give Added Value – think about ways to surprise and delight your customers. This petrol station in South Africa has been writing positive messages for customers on its noticeboard for the past 40 years. Thanks to @GeoffRamm for these tips…



7. If the competition is going one way, you go the other – don’t be afraid to be different. Geoff Ramm gave the example of the kids-only hair salon, which doubled its business by theming the salon for kids. Key attractions included characters which the children could identify with, as well as super-hero themed hair cutting stations and a front window with peep holes at children’s eye level to encourage engagement. Geoff gave another example of an ironing business that implemented this quirky mail shot and saw an 8% increase in business in one week…


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8. Getting to Grips with Digital Marketing is Easier than You Might Think – Maeve Kneafsey,, shared her insights of how businesses can use social media to build their brands. Setting goals is key to success and before starting online, businesses need to understand what they are trying to achieve. Digital’s job is to support you in reaching those goals in a faster, better and sometimes cheaper way.


9. Online and offline are not two different worlds – they are the same world. Your objectives for online should be the same as those for offline.


10. Be consistent – this is key when using social media. @maeve-kneafsey referenced  The Happy Pear and Hairy Baby as two businesses that have used social media to great effect in building their brand.


11. Understand your audience’s needs – you can’t be all things to all people. Do a profile of your target audience to segment the most important ones, then figure out how they want to engage with you online.


12. Ask Yourself Why? –Darragh Doyle, Audience Strategist, @darraghdoyle talked about social, SEO and strategy, emphasising the importance of not having social media just because everyone else has. Ask yourself why am I doing this and what do I want to achieve. Always think about who you’re talking to, why you’re talking to them and what you want to get out of it.


13.Think – @darraghdoyle had this advice for anyone posting online…

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14. Keep it Local – share content that is of interest to your local area, for example, old photos are a great way to encourage engagement and social sharing. Here is Darragh’s online checklist for businesses and his recipe for success online…

IMG_6896 (2)        IMG_6898 (2)

15. Keep it Real – Darragh closed his presentation with this great line… ‘Be a person online and in real life’

16. There’s Lots More to ComeDonegal Business Week continues all week, so there are still four more great days ahead. Check out the range of events and make the time for your business by registering now at or contact LEO on 074 91 60735.

Ten Things SME’s Can Take From Big Brand Marketing Strategies….

We’ve had the pleasure of working with many great brands over the years and it has taught us a thing or two about marketing and PR. While we appreciate that global brands have bigger budgets, we believe there’s a lot that SME’s can take from big brand marketing strategies. In no particular order, here’s our top ten:


1. Work Seasonally

Big brands work on a calendar led basis. They plan strategy and activity months and years in advance. They look ahead and research what’s coming up, and develop campaigns around that. The calendar provides a natural opportunity for SME’s to shout about their business… from New Year’s to Valentine’s, Patrick’s Day, Easter, Summer, 4th of July, Back to School, Hallowe’en, Christmas and back to the New Year again. Not to mention a host of international days from World Tourism Day (Sept 27th) to International Day of Happiness (March 20th), World Wildlife Day (March 3rd) and Universal Children’s Day (Nov 20th). Here’s how we put the calendar to good use for clients this year…


Final Poster (2)


2. Adopt a Partnership Approach

Big brands are always on the look-out for mutually beneficial partnerships and opportunities to align their brand with like-minded organisations – it’s a natural way to reach a new and captive audience. Keep an eye out for events taking place locally that your business can partner with or support. For instance, in the run up to the Donegal Marathon, we hosted a RunWell Marathon Night at JT Physio. The event gave top tips and advice for those running a marathon including talks on physiotherapy, nutrition and training in the run up to the big day. And because numbers were limited, we captured the event on video and shared it with JT’s followers online.


Forming partnerships with other businesses can also be a good strategy, but it’s important to get the right fit. For example, working with Kinnegar Brewing, The Traveller’s Inn commissioned house beer ‘Baxters 1867’ in honour of the Baxter family whose connection to the building dates back to 1867. The beer is based on an American pale ale style in recognition of Samuel Alexander Baxter, who fought with the North in the American Civil War. The story generated strong local, national and trade coverage for both The Traveller’s Inn and Kinnegar…




Working with Inishowen Motors, we partnered with Letterkenny, Laois and Galway Shopping Centres and Relay for Life, Donegal. Inishowen Motors donated one of their top of the range Kia’s for a charity drive from Ireland’s most northerly point, Malin Head to Tarifa, in the south of Spain. This activity raised €10,000 for Relay for Life Donegal and generated strong local and national coverage for all parties involved….


Non-Stop Charity Drive from Malin Head to Tarifa, Spain - Last night saw the launch of an innovative charity fundraiser in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. The fundraiser is the brainchild of Letterkenny Shopping Centre manager, Brian McCracken and two of his colleagues, Páraic Naughton from Galway Shopping Centre and Kevin Doyle from Laois Shopping Centre. The trio will undertake a non-stop charity drive from Donegal to Spain in a Kia Sorento, sponsored by Inishowen Motors.Photo- Clive Wasson


3. Mark the Milestone

Whether it’s a launch, first birthday or tenth anniversary, marking the milestone is a great way to shout about your business and remind people of what you do. The Traveller’s Inn, Milford recently marked its tenth birthday with a week long celebration and live music every night. To mark the occasion, we commissioned a bespoke cake of the building from Selena’s Creations and the images landed in all the local papers. Michael Murphy Sports and Leisure also celebrated a great first year in business with a week-long promotion offering customers the chance to win a €1,000 gift voucher and Inishowen Motors, the car partner for Highland Radio, marked the station’s 25th anniversary as part of the car handover this year…


Insihowen Motors, Highland Radio. Photo- Clive Wasson


4. Be Brand Aware

This is something big brands do very well. Their brand identity and brand values influence everything they do. SME’s can also benefit from this approach and it’s worth taking the time to have a think about your brand identity and working with a good graphic designer to bring it to life. When the new owners of The Milford Inn wanted a fresh start, we worked closely with them, brainstorming suggestions for a new name and logo. We compiled a graphic design brief and enlisted the help of Fiona O’Reilly from On The Dot Creative, who then worked with the hotel’s in-house marketing team to bring the brand to life. We also worked with Donegal’s Early Learning Schools on a new name, logo and website. Big brands pay lots of attention to their social media channels to ensure they are engaging with consumers in the correct way. Your website is your shop window – if it doesn’t provide an up-to-date or accurate reflection of your business, then you need to change it…


11889459_1031816043504498_6011618262185105883_n (2)

Final Logo (3)

5. See The Bigger Picture

As a small local entity, it can be easy to overlook or dismiss potential opportunities with national media. However, we know from experience that national media are always on the look out for good news stories. We’ve hosted outside broadcasts in Donegal with national broadcasters including Today FM and 2FM. Earlier this summer, we worked with RTE’s Nationwide as they filmed at Donegal and Ireland’s first outdoor school. You can check out the piece on the RTE Player….





6. Get In The Right Frame 

Good photography forms a key part of any brand’s marketing strategy. Through our work with the Earagail Arts Festival, (and with the help of some beautiful imagery), we’ve generated articles and features across a range of national and local titles from the Irish Times to the Irish Independent, Irish Examiner, Sunday Business Post, RTE Guide, Image and Social and Personal. Getting the right shot to accompany your story greatly enhances the chances of coverage. From a business profiling point of view, it’s important for SME’s to have a good selection of photography to represent key spokespeople – more than ever, papers are relying on you to provide suitable photography. Reaching out to the relevant political representative or securing the right brand ambassador for the photo (and your business) is also worth exploring…




**** NO REPRODUCTION FEE **** DUBLIN : 19/06/2014 : Pictured was Minister for Transport, Tourism & Sport Leo Varadkar with founders of Rascal’s Brewing Co, Emma Devlin and Cathal O'Donoghue. Founders of Rascal’s Brewing Co, Emma Devlin and Cathal O'Donoghue at the brand's official launch in The Mart, Rathmines. The pair discovered their love of craft beer while living in New Zealand and on return to Ireland, they set up Rascal's Brewing Co. They now produce a range of ‘Bold Irish beer’, three of which were showcased at the launch – Ginger Porter, Big Hop Red and Wit Woo (a Belgian wheat beer). Based in Dublin, Emma (28) is originally from Malin Head in Donegal and Cathal (32) is from Skibbereen, (near Mizen Head). Minister of Tourism, Transport and Sport, Leo Varadkar also attended the launch'. Picture Conor MCCabe Photography. MEDIA CONTACT : Mary Crawford, The Right Angle – 087 2774739


7. Give Insights and Added Value

Leading brands are always thinking of ways to surprise and delight their customers. One way to do this is to give added value through unique insights, customer loyalty schemes, in-store promotions, events, competitions and giveaways. Through our work with REN NET and Donegal County Council, we helped promote a renewable energy trade fair, giving members of the public free access to renewable energy providers across the northwest. And in a series of videos for Michael Murphy Sports and Leisure, Michael chats to leading sportspeople from Donegal, gaining a unique insight into their lives, such as this one with Ballybofey boxer, Jason Quigley….



8. Celebrate Success

Whether it’s an award for your business or your customers, celebrating success is a positive way to share your story. Mulroy Music got widespread coverage when its students excelled at this year’s Ulster Fleadh. We also worked with John F. Loughrey Financial Services to share the story of their second successive win at The LPI Awards in The Mansion House in Dublin. Whatever success looks like for your business, make sure to celebrate it in the right way…


IBA LPI Awards 2015 in the Mansion House Dublin. PHOTO CREDIT: dak photohraphy


9. Get Creative

Big brands are always thinking of innovative ways to create news hooks, so media will write about them. A good example of this is the below art installation, ‘Reflect Yourself‘, which was fabricated by Henry McGinley & Sons in Milford and unveiled in Dublin as part of the St. Patrick’s Festival.




10. Use Video

According to this article published in The Guardian, 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future and half of all businesses are already integrating video content marketing into their strategies. 100 million people are watching videos daily and YouTube has one billion UNIQUE users each month. With online video quickly becoming a key means for people to satisfy their information and entertainment needs, small businesses that fail to include it in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril. Video is a great way to communicate your customer offering and unique selling point. For example, The Traveller’s Inn, Milford hosts one of the country’s best traditional music sessions every Wednesday, so we worked with videographer Paul Doherty to capture the atmosphere and share it with our followers online….



There are lots of ways that small businesses can market and promote themselves in creative and cost-effective ways – the secret lies in the execution. If you’ve an idea you’d like to develop or an event coming up that you feel could generate publicity for your business, then let us know. We’d be delighted to help….